Property Management

Community Association Management

Property Management

Are you looking to save your HOA time and money? Hiring Pearson Group is the key to managing your property smoothly and efficiently. While association members are willing to volunteer their time and services, our HOA managers have honed their skills with years of experience.

  • Hire and manage maintenance crews
  • Negotiate discounts on required services
  • Handle homeowner complaints
  • Run HOA meetings
  • Collect dues and manage finances
  • Ensure legal compliance

Professional property management makes owning rental properties an easy experience Managing rental/investment properties require constant availability and a diverse skill set, making it time-consuming for the average owner. Hiring a management company can make your experience hassle-free by cashing your checks and building your investment business.

Investment Property Management 

Use PRG Property Management to:

  • Determine the optimal pricing strategy for your property
  • Secure the right types of tenants
  • Provide comprehensive Tenant Screening
  • Rent Collection
  • Handle maintenance issues that arise
  • Perform property inspections on a semi-regular basis

Whether you are looking for someone to manage a home, homeowner’s association, apartment building or commercial property, Pearson Group can simplify the process. Click HERE for more details!